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【 Feyerabend Bible 】  We are very pleased to show the Feyerabend Bible bought with the FY2013 subsidies for Maintenance Expenses for Research Equipment and Facilities funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on our web page.

 The Feyerabend Bible known for its superb form with beautiful illustrations is a bible translated by Martin Luther from Greek into German. Luther’s work was completed in 1534 and eventually came to be called the Luther Bible.

 In 1560 this Bible was published in Frankfurt am Main by a famous publisher Sigmund Feyerabend (1528-1590). Feyerabend was granted exclusive rights to publish Luther’s Bible by Friedrich III who was a count palatine, Pfalzgraf. The Bible was printed in 13 editions from 1560 to 1602 and collectively called the Feyerabend Bible.

 The Bible shown in this exhibition is the first edition of Feyerabend Bible.

 It is well known that the Bible translated by Luther had an enormous influence on the development of the German Language. Feyerabend working in close cooperation with famous woodcut artists like Virgil Solis and Jost Amman was enabled to publish the lavishly illustrated Bible. By providing a visual depiction through illustrations, the Feyerabend Bible helped the readers grasp general ideas of the Bible better. In this way, the Feyerabend Bible became a model for the illustrated bible and exerted a widespread influence only not on the Protestant Churches but also on the Catholic Churches.

 The Luther Bible has a value of interdisciplinary work that combines the disciplines of Bible studies, the German studies, and arts. This Bible (ref: VD16B2747) owned by Sophia University is a very rare bible, one of the seven owned by public libraries in the world like Bayerusgche Staatbibliothek in Munich or the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

Tsutomu Sakuma 
Faculty of Theology